Management of dynamic balance

This method is primarily practical. It has been created through the synthesis of more than 25 years of clinical research and through the practice of many therapists in fields as varied as medicine, paediatrics, speech therapy, occupational therapy, but also non-conventional medicines such as kinesiology, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, orthobiotic, Padovan method, holistic dentistry …

Through these various therapeutic practices, the aim of this method is to comprehend the human being in its entirety to allow a better understanding of the links between the body and the mind of a man throughout his life.

We are all unique, nevertheless we all follow a common development to our specie. Our growth and our adaptation to the world is occurring in several precise steps : the growth of the body is spread over the first 21 years of life, brain development spans 26 years, our consciousness over 42 years, our mind over 63 years and the development of our “deep being” evolves from intrauterine life to our last breath.

«Nothing endures but change » (Heraclitus of Ephesus)

Believe that a heal, an orthodontic treatment or a repositioning in Posturology will stabilize the human being in a fixed and unchanging equilibrium, is to miss the very principle of life which is evolution.

Our balance (physical, psychological) evolves constantly. We are in constant changing and adaptation.

The human being need to be in a dynamic balance, in a constant growth, first in his body and then in his mind. Body and mind are intimately linked,one being always the reflection of the other. Through the use and functioning of the organs, we have discovered how our worldview gradually influences the internal structure of our body, allowing us to speak of “integrative physiology”.

The Active Plus method allow us to follow and assist each person is his or her personal development based on the integrative physiology of the body and mind throughout life.

The whole method is proposed in various units with the use of different tools, depending on your specialization.

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The Active Plus Method

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